The Cost of an Unhealthy Diet

Hey all, happy June!

I just wanted to write a little blog to talk about my recent move to London, and a recent realisation that I had around my diet and health.

Since moving to London, I’ve been working a lot – I’m the head chef at the Soup Kitchen on Tottenham Court Road feeding over 100 guests every day plus working with my online clients on their personal meal plans and building my private meal prep service after hours.

I’m loving my new city, and it’s so much fun meeting new faces every day and networking in the food and fitness world! (Do say hi if you’d like to grab a coffee!)

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. So, the oven at the Soup Kitchen is about five foot deep, which means that I’ve encountered a ton of nasty burns since starting work. This weekend, I realised I probably should get a particularly bad burn checked out at the doctors, and it hit me that I hadn’t been to the doctors for YEARS.

Literally, years.


I don’t know about you – perhaps this is pretty normal, but this realisation was pretty huge for me. It’s something I’ve massively underappreciated when it comes to my health and fitness goals. I’m so used to sticking to a pretty healthy diet all year round, eating a balanced diet of lean proteins, lots of veggies, healthy fats – and moving a lot. I originally started to build these habits years ago, once I became aware of how awful I felt eating badly and how much better off I would be investing in my health. Now, it’s all second nature and I feel like today’s realisation is that being consistent with a good diet really does add up to you being a pretty healthy human being.

I know so many people who are in the doctors waiting room once every couple of months, for various ailments – from fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, fevers, sickness… the list I’m sure is endless. To think that I’ve not needed medical help for such a long time is both a blessing and something to take some pride in, I feel.

Sure, there’s a certain amount of luck when it comes to health – but I’m talking about playing life to your best possible odds, giving yourself the best chance and building the best body that can fight off the more day to day problems that we face.

It’s so easy to focus on weight, and appearance and vanity when it comes to ‘diets’ and ‘workouts’ but truth be told what could be more valuable than your health?

food shot.png

Let’s go even bigger picture, and think about the cost of an unhealthy lifestyle to the NHS. There are so many persistent ailments that could easily be improved and remedied through an improved diet and more physical activity.

The more I’ve thought about this, the more I’ve really wanted to give myself a pat on the back (haha sorry, but i’s true!) I love to share my thoughts when it comes to building positive relationships with food, but even I still have days where I feel guilty for not being totally ‘clean-eating-queen’.

So today, I’m taking some time to thank myself for investing in my health, for keeping me out of a doctors waiting room and for committing to long-lasting health over junk food and laziness – because that’s exactly the place that I started from many years ago.

You only have one body, so look after it, treat it with care and give yourself the best possible odds.

Miss FF xx


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