The Healthy Chef Step By Step Guide to Meal Prep

Meal prep is such an underutilised service when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating goals!

Most people will agree that diet plays a huge part in achieving results, and so using meal prep to get organised and stick to your diet is a no-brainer if you’re looking to reach a certain goal!

For me, meal prep just keeps me focused when I’m too busy to cook from scratch or have a lot going on and am more likely to snack on the go for the sake of convenience.

When all of your meals are portioned up and ready to go, you have zero excuses not to eat well – and beating your excuses is half of the battle!

My experience as a chef has taught me the importance of being calm in the kitchen, being clean and being organised.


So, rather than feel overwhelmed at the thought of preparing a load of food at once with stacks of dishes in the sink and pots and pans everywhere – let me break it down for you and talk you through how I prepare food for my clients.


1. First of all, write down your menu for the next few days. Decide what meals you want and try to be smart in planning them – pair like with like, so choose 2-3 vegetables to use rather than different ones with every dish.

2. Write your shopping list out, head to the market and pick up just what you need.


3. Break your menu down into proteins (meat), carbs (rice/potatoes etc) and vegetables. Lay these ingredients out into groups together on your kitchen counter.

4. Get your oven fired up, marinade your meats and pop them in to cook. There’s one whole food group done.

5. While they’re cooking, you can start on your carbs. Get a few pans of water on the boil, for rice, potatoes, grains etc. Potatoes can get finished in the oven with the meat.

6. Next, while your carbs are cooked and cooling, focus on your veggies. Blanch greens in boiling water, pan fry peppers/onions/stir fry veg.

7. If you want to make any garnish – sliced chilli, chopped herbs, feta, lemon wedges, toasted seeds etc – now is your time. These extra touches are what will take your food to the next level and look totally Instagramable. (Haha!)


meal prep 5

8. Lay everything that you’ve got ready out on the counter like this, and then start to build your meals in reverse. Start with the vegetables and carbs, top with protein and finish with garnish.


Et Voila!

You have successfully prepared your meals for the next few days, and you don’t have to worry about cooking again until later in the week!

Hopefully this guide will help to simplify the process and help you to stay on track with your healthy eating goals. If it still seems like too much hassle, drop me a message!

Chef Jen, Miss Fighting Fit

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