When is dessert good for you?

When you absolutely feel like it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t advise eating a big creamy pudding every night after dinner if you’re looking to be healthier, and feel great but I do think it’s REALLY important to enjoy a little of what you love when you really fancy it.

There’s no need to avoid ‘treats’ forever, when you’re in a dieting mindset – and doing so will only bring on guilt and a negative relationship with certain foods – which is not good for anybody’s mental health.

It’s so important to remember that whatever your goals, there is such importance to enjoying yourself along the way.

Six By Nico in Manchester rocking their chocolate banana tacos!

If you want something badly enough, you will achieve it. If you want to get there quicker, you can use more discipline, more expertise and guidance, more support… all will be effective!

BUT – If you want to get there and stay there, make sure to enjoy the process too. That way, there’s no ‘end’ – there is only a positive future with a healthy attitude towards all foods, healthy eating and a good understanding of BALANCE.

Big Love, Miss FF xx

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